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This Design Studio In Noida Is Making Stunning Home Decor Out Of Cement!

Ten-Second Takeaway

GoMaads is a product design firm that’s using concrete to create lifestyle products. If you’re one for experiences, we suggest you make a visit to the studio-cum-store – the place is a whole new world.

Concrete Plans

Started by three people with similar backgrounds, Malavika, Gopendra and Aditi, the brand celebrates industrial chic like no other. Of course, it would’ve taken a very eccentric thought process to use cement not for houses but for a lamp that’d sit pretty in a corner and fortunately for them, they all agreed that it was a great idea.

The going for them has been far from smooth though. When they started off four years back, they were often confronted with strange reactions. A visibly amused Malavika tells us about the time they showcased at an exhibition. An inquisitive buyer walked up to them and asked if the products weren’t “done” yet. In her exact words, he said: “Yeh abhi bana nahin hai kya?”. It’s clear that their design sensibility isn’t everyone’s cup of tea and truth be told, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

But eye rolls and awkward questions are a part and parcel of every design experiment and GoMaads wasn’t going to let these stumbling blocks come in the way. Their mad hatter approach explains why they chose to have ‘mad’ in their very name {so much for a loud message}.

Handmade And How

If you’re someone who appreciates rustic and burnt edges, you’ll dig the earthy feel of the products. Every piece here from pen stands, desk organisers, lamps, clocks, planters, paper weights to even cute little fridge magnets is handcrafted.

This isn’t it. They’re working on a range of crinkled bowls and even full-fledged furniture that you could see soon. Another good news: The brand’s open to customisation in case you want the existing range tweaked or want a fresh new batch of something provided you want a reasonably big number.

PS: We’re still not over what we say at the studio. We’ll go back in winter on the pretext of meeting Malavika again. And then, we’ll spend more time at their around-the-tree workshop, the sunny amphitheatre, the canteen and of course, we’ll pick up that tiny Darth Vader fridge magnet on our way out, cuz’ bae would so totally love it.

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