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Inside Track

Three colleagues – Gopendra Pratap Singh, Malvika Singh Gupta and Aditi Sharma – get wild with cement, and how.

The first word that comes to our minds when one says ‘cement’ is buildings, right? But GOMAADS, a company founded by three colleagues, is working hard to change this perception. This company set brick in January 2013 and is now toiling to create quirky items out of cement.

While doing so GOMAADS even received its first EDIDA in February 2014.

‘Why should cement be sentenced only to construction?’ was the thought that made GOMAADS experiment with this versatile material for nine months.

They tried different proportions and consistencies to see what fitted into the moulds of quirky clocks, holders for stationary, clothes and even plants. After nine tedious months the team finally struck a concrete deal.

The three sprightly professionals discovered a perfect formula that allowed them to mould cement in various shapes. But even with this basic formula in place, it takes them close to 15 days to create a good product from scratch, the team reveals.

The process of creation begins with brainstorming for ideas to see what fits the quirky bracket. Then GOMAADS gets down to experimenting with it.

One of their proud innovations has been a clock moulded out of CD covers. “Finalising the angle at which the clock stands took us the longest time,” the team confesses.

While experimenting they also take care to steer clear of products that are difficult to manufacture, as producing them on a large scale then poses a challenge. So the formula that GOMAADS follows is straight – make it simple and quirky.

Now GOMAADS has created close to 20 products that are listed under four broad categories – accessories, tableware, planter and wall-art. They believe now is the time to focus on marketing these products to a wider audience.

So while GOMAADS functions out of Noida, it makes its presence felt through a website and by listing its products on e-stores like Snapdeal. Must say, adding cement to the décor never seemed so much fun!

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